San Diego – Addictions: Physical and Emotional

Addictions: Physical and Emotional
Defining Yours, Mine, Ours
How to cope with your own and others

Friday, May 19th
Time: 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Cost: $ 45 If registered by Tuesday May 16

Please sign up ASAP if you plan to attend

Hyatt House, Avenida Encinas and Cannon Road off of Hwy 5
5010 Avenida Encinas
Carlsbad CA 92008
760 929 8200

Chi – eyes of interest

A Teaching channeled By Yahweh/The Storyteller
Paying attention in parts: what’s of
interest and why. An expansion of
the last class on Purposeful effort.
“We can see the world through ‘eyes of panic’ but this will shut us down. If we
use ‘eyes of interest’, opportunities will expand themselves.
If you have ‘opportunity, momentum and choice’ together with ‘action’, you
have positive change. This is not luck, it is ‘purposeful effort’. This is how to
turn bad things into opportunity.
It is a time when anyone can do anything.”
SATURDAY, April 29th, 2017
10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.*
1710 South Shore Drive (Gate 17)
Village of Lakewood, IL 60014
$105 per person
(New student rate of $50)
Please RSVP via email to and enroll on-line
at by Sunday, April 2nd. For more
information, consult the website or email


“Given what’s happening in our world, it is now time to start using the practical 3rd law – Refuse to accept either one’s opinion: nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong.”
The challenge? – Do we truly want to d-escalate conflicts and find resolutions or do we want to hold onto feeling right? Our mindset has been telling us that someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. But how would it feel, how would things be different, if there was no “bad guy”? How would it be different for you if you knew you weren’t going to be made wrong? Given how things are in the world today it takes a lot of courage and wisdom to resist putting people into the camps of right/wrong, good/bad. Are you ready to be a part of real change? Join us in class and find out how.

DATE: April 22 & 23, 2017
TIME: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
LOCATION: Room 115, 150 Laird Ave.
COST: $240 USD if paid before March 21 and $265 USD after that
HOW TO PAY: 1) Go to the website and pay by Paypal

2) Phone Dolores at 416-606-3329 or reply to this email to arrange
to pay by cash or credit card.

San Diego: How to Handle the Crazy..

How to Handle the ‘Crazy’ in our World…

Discover tools to maintain your stability and allows others to find theirs.

4- part series

Date: Saturday March 18. May 20, June 24, July 29 2017

Time: 11:00 am – 5:30 pm

Cost: If paid before March 12th $ 400 and after $ 420

Hyatt House, Avenida Encinas and Cannon Road off of Hwy 5
5010 Avenida Encinas
Carlsbad CA 92008
760 929 8200

Van- coping with and Creating Emotions

Coping with and Creating Emotions
(This topic will encompass two weekends with separate subtitles. You are able to take one weekend or prepay for both with a discount.)

It is not helpful to manipulate the world around us, but it is imperative that we learn how to control those who do not control themselves if we are to find joy in our lives.
Come to one or both of these weekends to find out how to control others with their own fear. Learn an active ability to emote anger as a focused effort to create a fear in those who are out of control.

Intentional Emotions
May 27-28, 11am-5pm
This class only button below;
Unintentional Emotions
October 14-15, 11am-5pm
This class only button below
Cost: Each weekend $190 till April 30th then $210 per week end.
If both weekends are paid by April 30th, there is a $20 discount.
Both class button below



PoCo Inn, 1545 Lougheed Hwy., Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada Prepay on this website.

or call Carole at 604.942.2842 or toll free at Reflections Bookstore at 1.800.762.0262 on Tuesdays or Fridays
For information, email Carole at

San Diego – 2017 Classes

There is a series of four classes being offered March, May June and July 2017.

Next Class Friday, March 17th

TeleClass: Teleclass Sunday, April 9th

Title: TBD


March begins the 4-part classes – March 17 and 18

May 19 and 20

June 23 and 24

July 28 and 29

September 8 and 9 – a full day class

December 15 and 16

Teleclass is scheduled for

January 22nd and April 9th


Contact number

We have changed the Littel Phone number from the 888# to 386 228-2321 . This saves us around 200$ per month in expenses for the 6 calls the 888# was fielding.  We hope this will not be an inconvenience to those of you who did call. We still respond the same and may even be faster. E-mail and other forms to communicate remain the same. If you have a friend who does not use a computer please pass the message and phone number to them.



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