Tele-Class Hope and help in a world of change

Subject is Hope and help in a world of change.  Tools to find joy and community in the times we are in.  Also unavoidably, current issues.
Date: Sunday January 7th
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern
$40.00 if paid by 01/3/2018


2 thoughts on “Tele-Class Hope and help in a world of change”

  1. Before i press on the register button, i’ve never done this with “The Story Teller”, is this a first
    How do i get into it once i register or does it explain it after your register

    Thanks Charles Swank
    I’ve been doing “The Contemplation” religiously since day one, 1986, when i first met “Yahweh” in Mission Valley, San Diego I use to do it once a day, if that, or skipped some, now it’s 3 times a day minimum, it took quite a while to really experience “The Energies”

    1. When you press the button paypal informs me that you have signed up. You will receive an email telling you what number to call in to and what your login password is. At the time for the class you will dial in on any phone you like (note if you use your computer also use head phones to prevent speaker feed back to the group)
      Thanks for your interest and growth

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