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The Essene - Not So Hidden    Society        $40.00        236 pages

This is a transcript of a six day teaching filled with insights and tools for everyday usage in our world today. Methods of living in a complex world and doing what's yours to build a better world are explored discussed and clarified. Why does greed destroy and profit builds. Where do ethics come from... A great read, one that you might gift to anyone. Historically interesting as well as timely information.
What Is Contemplation

This is a powerful teaching and a must for anyone that is interested in finding true answers from within. There is an in-depth explanation of exactly how and why the contemplation works.  How we fool ourselves and how to get around denial.  It is for the serious seeker that would like to learn true answers, have a deeper self understanding, and thus a more comfortable relationship with self.

This is a teaching about the importance of participation with passion in our lives and the ability to gain more joy.  It teaches how to consciously see that joy.  It also gives an understanding of the mind games we play with ourselves that keeps us from creative, joyful passion and participation.
Spirit 1

10 Dimensional

This teaching gives knowledge and insight into the co-existence between mankind and the universe.  How we effect it and how it effects us.  This teaching also gives an explanation of the 10 dimensions.  As humans, we are 10 dimensional beings but are only consciously aware of 5.  We sense the other 5 dimensions and we are not powerless.  This teaching discusses different groups of soul levels, and co-creation.  It explains what conflict is, and how it dances with the energies. There is also a brief discussion of current mind sets.
Approaching 2012

An explanation of the energy shifts. How it effects our lives, our bodies, and everything else on the planet, from DNA cellular changes, to viruses, diseases, climate changes, animals, plants and stresses in our daily lives.
Predicting Your Future

Current Events 2006

Great information about what was happening then and why it effects us now. Why the world seems so scattered and economies at risk. Good then, Great now.
Depression    6-13-03

A deep understanding and teaching of depression. Where it comes from emotionally, physically and the chemical imbalance of the brain. An all encompassing understanding of depression on deep levels.

Energies of Life


Good and Evil   11-12-04

A discussion and teaching about polarities, dualities, ethics, and morals. Where they come from and how to discern the difference between projections and accepting what actually is.  Explanation of true creativity and opportunity for creativity.
Live Long and Prosper

Our Lives, Our Souls  Many Questions, 9-29-04

An extremely informative teaching about the connection with our souls, and how it functions. What part our brain plays in our lives, and a dynamic discussion of brain, body, intuition, souls, soul-mates, past lives, over-souls and incarnations.
Possible Futures   4-30-04

A teaching about hope and despair, about choices and absolutes, and how to see choices rather than absolutes. Also, some current event insights.
Who's in Charge    4-30-05

A teaching about our lives and who is in control of them. A lesson in figuring out who is in control and an understanding of the little subtleties that keep us from taking control of our lives on a day to day basis.