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Paradise Found

  You as human beings perceive paradise as that most perfect of all places where every conscious concept that you have actually works. Where there is no stress. Where all the things that you attempt at least give you some hint that they will work. A place where you don’t struggle with the concept of NO." Where the ideas you have somehow magically begin and the results of those ideas are somehow magically helpful and planned. You perceive that paradise for a number of reasons. Mostly you perceive it on those Sunday afternoons when it is that your family is together and everything is working. Mostly you perceive it from those times when you attempted something and surprised yourself that you could actually accomplish it. Mostly they come to you by pleasant surprise.

Paradise for you is a pleasant surprise. But even in the best of paradises if it is consistent it becomes just another day. In the best of your paradises, when you live there, it becomes a different thing than it does if you visit there. Paradise is only paradise if you visit. It is work if you don’t. So having paradise has a lot to do with finding it and it has a lot to do with discovering it. It has a lot to do with being surprised within it. We will play a little bit with how to establish for yourself a sense of surprise in life. A surprise that is more beneficial than the surprises you get that hurt you. A surprise that helps you - that expands you. And it is how to make those surprises occur in your life that is also what we will play with.

One thing you do as humana is project. The projection to that paradise are that you are going to feel good if it happens to have just the right breeze; if it happens to have just the right sunset; if it happens to have just the right romance. When you discover that that is true, you feel good. What else happens in your paradises? What convinces you that that is paradise?

All of you have a similar feeling of paradise. It is that little element of not having to worry about those nagging voices wondering when it is going to thunder and storm. It is a little quiet place where it feels warm to you, that you are not attacked. It is that little place that says, At least for this moment everything in the world is right." If you could have more of those little moments each day, your stress and anxiety would be a lot less wouldn’t it? But if you lived in those little moments, life would be very boring. Excitement happens because those moments can exist. Not because those moments exist all of the time.

You can recognize that quiet moment because you have the polarity of the non-quiet moment. You can recognize the excitement of the moment because you have had the dread of other moments. You can recognize. The difficulty for you very often is when you have too many of those unquiet moments and you think you cannot find peace. When you have too many of those disturbing moments and you think you are threatened. So somewhere between having an entirely baseless, quiet life and having an overstimulated excited anxiety-driven life is the place where paradise can be discovered. Where you can truly appreciate the moment of your existence long enough for you to recognize that there is hope for you. That is where your inner warmth comes from. That sense that you are equal to whatever life throws at you, that you know how to catch it. That you know what to do with it and that you also know how to hurl it back at life in a way that is joyful and sometimes playful.

How can you do that? How can you find that middle place when you are so certain that the one place you have is the only one that exists?

The middle place does exist but it can’t exist without the two ends. You need choice. It does you very little good to think you have the right answer unless you also have a concept of what the wrong answer would be. It does you very little good to fear the wrong answer unless you have some concept of what the right answer might be. So one way to quiet the voices is to listen to them - just enough.

Just enough so that you can discern the two ends. Having one answer isn’t enough for freedom. Having two is. When you have the two answers there is something in between that you can say is life. How do you get in there? Because very often your sense of stress causes you to move farther away. Or your sense of absolute causes you to fall farther into absolute and you are looking in a direction that takes you opposite to the inside of life. So small secret - both are right answers, or both are wrong answers. Paradise lives with a total acceptance of both answers. Without them being threats. If you can have one answer be just as right as another, then you are not afraid of what’s in between. In between doesn’t become a place where you have to select. In between gets to be a place where you get to select. That is a most wondrous thought. How can you get to the in between place?

When you think of something you think of it in terms of wrong or right, which was very popular when you were small children. Everyone encouraged you that that is the truth of life. That wrong or right issue - the black and white element - the place that says yes or no. Being as popular as it was in your family, you accepted it as a reality, and it was very valid that it should be a reality. As small children you don’t have the selectivity that it requires to be able to preserve your physical existence by selecting the right idea. You would place yourself at threat if something didn’t tell you, No, that’s hot. No, that’s sharp. Yes, that’s good." So you learned it as a state of reality, and a very valid one at the time. As you grew, you grew to be the adult that you are now. But you grew with a concept of that same right or wrong, that same concept of black and white, because you believed that was how reality had to be.

No one taught you that life is Technicolor. Everything encouraged you that it was black and white. Even your society lives with the concept of black and white. And it frowns very deeply at any other concept. Rights and wrongs - without a concept that there are comparative rights and approximate wrongs. Without that concept, you can place things into absolutes, then you can at least control your environment, or you think you do. You can ignore the rest that you can’t control and you can damn that which doesn’t become controlled easily. You can fault someone else because they don’t behave in the pattern that you think they should - they are wrong. You know they are wrong because you are right. You know you are right because they are wrong. You wouldn’t do that - they did it - therefore, they are wrong. And it leaves you feeling as if there is an absolute. But as adults you are actually in a Technicolor world. It isn’t just shades of gray. It is raging blazing colors of difference. There are fuchsias and oranges and reds. It’s blues, sky blues and all forms. Every shade and every hue exists and they are all selectable by you. And it matters a lot that you see it that way.

If you see it as the absolutes of black and white then these become places to stay out of. And you try everything you can to stay out of them but what if the answer is between the black and the white? What if the realm of your existence isn’t so much doing it right but refraining from doing it wrong. What if that is where it (paradise) exists? What if the piece in your life is not so much doing it right but recognizing that you aren’t doing it wrong? That’s the second part.

But to get to that place it is necessary for you to consider both the right and the wrong. To see them not so much as anything but equally right and equally wrong. For while you do it that way, you recognize that your great idea is "A" great idea. You recognize your great viewpoint is "A" viewpoint, no better and no worse than any other viewpoint, but it happens to be yours and you can live with it. Then you have the ability to be able to recognize someone else’s viewpoint and recognize that that viewpoint is just as passionate to them as your viewpoint is to you. It doesn’t actually matter. That’s when you can begin to discern whether you are actually attacked by someone else’s view.

What if they view life as a red thing and you view it as a blue thing? Then you have the opportunity to start viewing it as a blue thing and a red thing. You have choice. But if you view it as a red thing and insist it has to be a red thing, then you never get the value of the blue and that’s important.

What if the value of the blue is helpful? What if knowing just that little bit more allows you to learn how to hunt in a particular area? A place you have never hunted before. What if your concept says the only thing you can hunt is this kind of food and you are hungry and that kind of food isn’t available? Aren’t you limited?

It is hard to have paradise when you think the only tools you have are the ones you have. It’s hard to see life as anything but a threat when the only way you have of escaping the threats are the tools you have, and they don’t work. It is hard. For in order to find paradise you must find peace with the concept that if you don’t have the answer that works, the answer is available. You don’t have to know the answer, you just have to know the one you have isn’t the one that works. And that’s a secret also.




  You hold a conceptual realization of something you would call attitude. So we will play a little bit with that conceptual realization. Let us say that attitude is more an element of action and reaction than belief system.

You have a concept of something that you say, "Keep a positive attitude". If you had any idea at all what a positive attitude is, you might be able to keep that. But for the most part, keeping a positive attitude stands with a small argument inside of you. That small argument is to try to keep a positive attitude you must do it against some adversary, something that seems to be undermining your existence and your beliefs. Something that seems to say you cannot have the thing that you desire to have.

So we will change it a little bit, and look upon it to say, "Keep a beneficial attitude rather than a detrimental one". "Keep a productive, expanding attitude rather than a defeating and degenerating attitude". We will also play a little bit with what happens to you.

What you are is not merely what you see. What you are is the summation of the entirety of every experience that your life has held. And it is expressed outward, not so much by your physical appearance but by the energies, these things expand outward and they are tangible. You sense them as they expand and as they contract and they have an affect. Whether it is the desired affect or whether it isn't does not matter, they still have an affect.

If you approach something with the belief that you can't have it, what you are expressing outward is a group of energies that touch everything around you in a way that accuses essentially that other thing of being an adversary.

Therefore, what happens is that the reactive element of whoever you are touching with those energies, defends against that supposed attack. You feel that defense and it only confirms your belief system that you can't have what you want to have. Which means you intensify your attitude, which means it gets felt more by the other person and that intensifies back to you and it becomes a battle.

Sometimes it is a battle of Will and Power, sometimes a battle of Allegiance, many times a battle of everything but what you think, and you find yourself not capable of doing anything to change it, not capable. You've found persons who have an attitude that you believe is somewhat defensive. You approach them and their defensive attitude, what does it do for you? What do you feel when you sense them? What do you do?

Most of you will look upon that and perceive that person has somehow accused you of something that you know you haven't done. Even though you don't know what it is, you will then try to solve it so that person isn't defensive. In that case, what you are doing is actually distracting yourself from a place of participation, but you do so in order to try to get that other person to not be quite as defensive.

Or you come into contact with someone who appears to be very angry. With them having that form of attitude, you become the small child having felt that before and you respond to it. All of that takes you into a realm of reactive response rather than active participation and it distracts you as well as the other person. Then you start trying to fix a problem that isn't necessarily a problem.

Keeping what you call a positive attitude doesn't help. It actually compounds it because the more positive you try and think of the attitude, the more you get distracted away from your participation. So we will play a little bit with how to adjust that in your own selves.

These energies expand outward because they have to, because they actually have no choice. Usually the first thing that expands is your point of knowledge. When you come in contact with someone else your point of knowledge is usually the first thing that drives you there. It is your belief system, it is your state of reality, it is your view of the world at that particular moment that puts you in contact.

That view has very little to do with any other person around you. It has everything to do with you. It is that view that you start out with your dreams, your knowledge and your desires, and it is where your imagination comes into play. It keeps you participating. Knowledge also happens to be the one energy that is most relatable to your sense of ambition. You know this word ambition?

It is the place where you perceive yourself held back by life and wanting to get ahead. So, you exercise your state of belief that you are held back. That starts you with the place of needing an adversary, an identification of that adversary in order to assure yourself of how you are held back. Something to conquer, which happens to be where you do best as human beings, when you have something to conquer.

If you are coming in contact with someone else who happens to be doing the same thing, those two energies will be the first things that make contact with each other. It is from that place that everything else follows. So, whatever else happens to be out of balance or even in balance, is going to have an affect upon you. So we will play a little with attitude.

Pick an attitude that you have encountered in someone else.

A: Anger, competitiveness, stubborn, critical....Now, if you think of all of those things as being that particular person's view point, what if their anger is to them seemingly true? What if their life has been filled with the concept that says, `anger works for me'? What if that happens to be a very successful attitude on their part? That they express that attitude because it works. What if you think of it in that way? What happens now when you think of those attitudes that you have encountered?

If you recognize that attitude may have very little to do with you and may have everything to do with that person's knowledge of what is appropriate behavior, how much do you have to be involved with that attitude?

So, dealing with the business situation instead of the attitude might be very constructive. If you recognize that is merely the other person's coping mechanism then their attitude does not actually affect you. Then you don't have to adjust your attitude to defend yourself against the other person's attitude before you can go on. You simply accept the other person's attitude, and then you can participate with what is true and go on. That is constructiveness.

Perhaps. You are appropriate in your concept that each of you has your own piece of knowledge that interprets it, but that is where the key to the difference between a destructive attitude and a constructive attitude comes into play. The constructive attitude is one that acknowledges that you have your piece of knowledge and that you could react if you chose, but that you get to act if you choose also.

Giving to yourself a sense of choice means that you get to pay attention to the part that is relevant. If that other person's anger is not relevant, then paying attention to the anger may be destructive to what you ultimately wish to have.

On the other hand, ignoring that person's anger may also be destructive because that person may not be able to pay attention to what is the purpose of the joining.

That is the difference, why you give yourself the concept of having a positive attitude is because what the positive attitude always leaves you with, if you could somehow manage to figure out what a positive attitude is, is that it leaves you with the concept that you have choice. It leaves you perceiving yourself as something other than a victim of whatever is going on. It leaves you with a sense of being a participant. And while you may not get exactly what you want, you at least have an understanding that you are a participant, and that is choice.

A: It seems like anger, fear, these strong emotions put structure in our lives.

Y: Yes, and they put boundaries, and that is very much important for you as human beings to have some amount of structure and some amount of boundary that you can have as consistency. But that boundary is best served by being your attitude that allows the boundary rather than someone else's attitude that enforces it. Understand this?

It does put structure in your life to have those boundaries. It does put structure in your life to know that someone else has the capacity to be angry. Where it ruins structure in your life is when you begin to perceive that you have to fix the other person's anger.

A: What about, there was one teaching where you talked about say there was a server in a restaurant who is in a bad mood and by pointing it out to them, by being thoughtful and kind, "I see you're in a bad mood, take your time with us or whatever you're doing", and it changes their attitude. I did it the other night and I think people are not aware of what they're projecting, and it gets to be either a habit or...

Y: Yes, an attitude.

A: So, you can ignore it because it doesn't have to do with you or you can make some changes.

Y: Yes. I will give you a little picture. There is an attitude about an issue which is a self controlling participation, and there is an attitude about life which is a beacon to everyone around you. You have something that you may best be thought of as an attitude that you conduct your life with. It is a major theme. It is partly to do with the way that you perceive yourself and partly to do with the way that you believe others see you, and it has everything to do with what is successful and what isn't.

If you find that you can be very successful by having an attitude of conciliatory belief and that you have this attitude, it isn't actually you, it is something you do, it is a coping mechanism. Internally you may wish to blaze out and say I am tired of compromising myself all of the time. But the reality of it is that you have learned to be successful with that attitude of conciliatory beliefs. So every time that you do it, the anger that hides behind it is what is felt not the conciliatory, but the anger. That is what gets felt.

After that gets felt, then the conciliatory comes along and the other person may or may not perceive it for what it actually is but the majority of you as human beings would take that particular attitude of saying, "Oh, that person just gets mad most of the time, but they usually come around to the way we want things to be". If that happened to be you that had that attitude that wouldn't actually feel too good, because again you would feel like you had compromised yourself and become the victim of that compromise.

If this happens time after time after time in your life, each time that you do it that it is marginally successful, it is going to be remembered by you as the way to do things and every time you come into a new situation the first thing that is going to be looked for in order to cope with that new situation, is anything that happens to be in your repeatability segment of your group, orders and dependence.

That means your natural reaction is going to be approaching things with the projection that you are the one who has to compromise. Which means before anyone or anything ever asks you to compromise, you're going to have the feeling that you have to compromise, you are already going to have the anger on its way even before you are asked to compromise. Which means that eventually you are going to not bother trying to get involved with things because you know you are going to have to compromise, and you just know its going to be a failure, and you just know there isn't any hope, and it takes you to a place where your attitude has actually harmed you.

Anyone that has occasion to interact with you while you happen to be in that particular attitude state of mind, is going to feel a frustration, not because they want to, but because none of you has actually learned how to cope with someone else who is doing that. The frustration then will turn into being something else that says, "Alright, as long as that person's always so compromising why should I care? If they don't care, why should I care"? And you have your society.

It is most wondrous these things of attitude. What is the attitude of this [flower vase]?

A: It is filled with dirt.

Y: And upright. It stands upright. What would happen if it were not standing upright? What would happen if it were standing on its side? It would be counter to the productive attitude of its existence, would it not?

A: Unless you had flowers [rest of the comment is unheard]

Y: That might be productive for the flowers, but it still wouldn't be productive for this. Its purpose cannot be served unless it keeps the appropriate attitude. You understand this?

A: It sounds very rigid.

Y: It is. Its called ethics. Your purpose cannot be served unless you keep the appropriate attitude, and that means in allegiance to the purpose and intention of your participation in life. If you encounter someone who happens to have an attitude that you perceive you don't know how to cope with, you're off purpose when you start believing that you should find a way to cope with their attitude. Why not cope with them as a whole, not their attitude. Cope with their participation, rather than their attitude. You understand this?

A: What would that look like?

Y: If you encounter someone who is angry and their anger has very little to do with you or you suspect it has very little to do with you, it might be useful to cope with participating with them, not their anger. So, as they express their anger, pay attention to the actual things that you are participating with them. What does it

matter if someone else rages? Truly, what does it matter? When they

begin to yell and scream and be angry and raged, what does it actually matter?

A: You somehow project that they're commenting on your value as a person or your appropriateness or're judging yourself, so if you can keep from doing that its better.

Y: Yes, that is so. And that means pay attention to the productive attitude that you could have. It means taking a step of action, somewhere this reverberation back and forth has to stop in order for anything to move differently. It has to stop.

And while you may not be able to get another person to stop their anger, you can certainly stop their anger from having an affect upon you and your participation. Which means it won't have to be manipulated by their anger.

It doesn't mean that you shouldn't stop for a moment to determine if you have some participation, if you've broken some agreement. It doesn't mean that you should ignore their anger as if it has no meaning, because it will have a meaning. But it does mean put their anger in perspective. Adopt an attitude of you that is appropriate. The relevance of that issue whether it is anger or not is whether you have anything to do with generating that anger. What agreements have you broken?

The other part is if you are going to look upon it, it might be appropriate to ask yourself, under circumstances such as you have just seen, would you also have anger?

You as human beings by your very nature, have a way that you observe whatever you are involved in at any given moment of your life. You have that and you are entitled to it and you also are respondable to it. Your emotions evict out of you an attitude, this resonance, these energies expand outward from you and no matter how hard you try you can't hide it, but you can be relevant with it. Relevance is the very important issue. It is relevance that says where you're going with it and it is that which develops a destructive attitude, a detrimental attitude, it is relevance.

If what you are actually concerned with is making the other person agree with you, it will do you absolutely no good at all to try to pretend it is something else, because this won't lie. You can tell yourself it is anything else, but if getting the other person to agree with you is what you actually intend your attitude will be the thing that drives that interaction, not your mind.









New Beginnings

  You as human beings in your natural state give no credence to yesterday. But you as human beings in your societal state, the grouping of what you are, believe that yesterday is the focus of what can happen for tomorrow, and you very often focus on that with sense of doubt, with sense of hope, with all those emotions that you tie into events in your life. So we will make some acceptable projections for the future. Not a projection of fact, not a projection of exact events, but an understanding of how to grasp those events as they unfold around you without them destroying your sense of self and your sense of hope, for there are many that may do that. There have been changes within your world, changes within your society that you barely could acknowledge were possible. There have been things occur which you had no hope they would ever happen. There also have been things that have occurred that you had every fear might. Change happens.

Out of what is happening on your earth at this particular time is the very nature of what reality is is shifting on a day to day basis, partly because of the energies and partly because how those energies as they shift affect you and how you participate. Your earth is being changed. You happen to be part of that earth so you are going to suffer those changes. Whether they are good for you or whether they are not depends greatly upon how you will participate with them. Each of you has had changes within this last year, within this last five years which are changes you never expected to occur. Sometimes you only hoped that they would. Some of them end in things that you perceive as bad or something you don't want to have happen - but yet it does. Somehow you manage to keep going. You keep going because of an intrinsic thing about you that has to do with faith. So we will play a little bit with where that comes from and how to make it work better in your life. Part also of what we will do is look upon some of the changes that are aimed at occurence.

I will give you a thought. One of the things that have been the foundation of your society, in this particular region of your world, in a very particularly large way has been a foundation of what money's value is. Money has been something that isolates you. Money has been something that allows you to be protected from the participation of others. Money is something you have utilized to try to insulate yourself and sometimes but what you believe is necessary for your life. It also is something that is going to change. It is going to change partly because the meaning of money is getting ready to change as far as you as human beings are concerned. But the value of the things you do will bear more weight in your life than the value of the money that you might get for them.

 The importance of you as an individual person and as that which you are as a participant to all things around you will become more than the money can possibly hope to compensate. What you might say is the strength of who and what you actually are would be worth more than any amount of money you could ever be paid. That you get to count on. That is something that is going to intensify in the coming year. It is going to intensify in ways that you could not hope to imagine in the past. Things that you relied upon as being firmly entrenched because of money are going to be able to be yours because of participation. Magically they will appear, more as an element of trade, more as an element of participation. We will play a little bit with what that means to you. If you can imagine that this particular circle is everything of the past (draws circle) and you imagine this particular circle is everything of the future - this circle (future) has infinite possibilities (putting dots in the circle). You as a society are aimed at a very narrow region of these things right now. But you as humanity are aimed at a very different region. Your society thinks that it is going towards here. But here is humanity and you as human beings are aimed out here. So some of the things you expect to have happen are not going to happen. That is good.

Part of the reason it is good for you is if you were to drive humanity with your vision, that would lock you into a hopeless state of existence. Allowing yourself to be part of humanity makes you into a hopeful state of existence with a recognition of your part within all others. Your form of world has lived with a concept of family and tribe, then nation, then nation state, then very large nation, then political economic state - until you have grown to be almost a global family without even recognizing that is what you have done. And as that global family, you as individuals within your particular society have only that - your particular society as the rules of your existence. You will get an opportunity to find out what it is like for all of the others. To be part of that family means an acceptance of the whole of the family, and that is the nature of what you are about to embark upon. As a society you are getting ready to gain this part - a state of reality that accepts that your way of doing things is your way of doing things, and a way for you to be able to accept that perhaps someone elses way is more appropriate for you. To learn, to gain, is to accept that there are ultimate ways to do something. In a way what this does to you is it says to you that you have a hope to learn the right way to do things when you don't already know them. But by sitting in this little place that says this is the only way it can be done, and project that is the only way it can be done out here, you then obligate yourself to continue each day being the way you are. If you wish to look upon something most wondrous, what do you perceive has happened to you in this last year by believing that each day is the same as yesterday? You got a little surprise did you not? Change.



Caring For and Maintaining the Body

  Each of you holds a most wondrous thing in your possession. That thing allows you to experience life to its fullest. That thing insures that you can observe your creations. That thing that you hold observes experiences, perceives and creates. And yet it is sometimes the thing that you disregard entirely. That thing is your physical presence. That you lose it. Considering the wholeness of you, you lose that physical presence and the awareness of it into that which is your conscious perceptions of each day. And you begin to ignore that you are a physical animal as well.

You live in that which is the world that is filled with many things that help you to forget your physical presence. You live in a world with many things that discourage you from realizing your physical potentials and your purpose. So very often you rob yourself of the ability to continue in your physical being in a way that can insure yourself of pleasure and joy as a unity that is your soul and your body together. This night we will play with the body.

Each of your muscles is attached to your nervous physical system, and to your bones. And each of your muscles holds a purpose and a distinct reason for existing. I will give you a small thing to play with. Raise your hand - concentrate on your hand and for a moment visualize the moving of your hand together. Simply this one action. Picture the muscles of it, the form of it, the beauty of it. It is a simple thing. What did you feel when you did that? It is simple to move hand as this.

Now using the same hand expand it outward as far as you can possibly expand it. And try to keep expanding it while you contract it. Then relax it. What do you now feel? (The energy) That is your hand saying "thank you." Do you know why your hand said thank you? When you did that you used it as the hand wanted to be used. The small cells within your muscles and the skin of your hand, the bones, all of the connective tissues, all of the sensory perceptions of the complexity of simply your hand has within it many thousands of types of cells, and when you did that one action you awakened each cell to its potential - to its potential. What that says is that you can also awaken each part of your body to its potential, so I will teach you in this night some things that will help the form of exercises that will help you awaken that.

Small secret - all things seek to be reminded of what they are. If they are reminded enought they can expand outward and become more. If they are reminded too much they never become more. And if they are not reminded enough they become scattered and vacant. When you do not remind your body enough it becomes scattered and vacant and it does not serve you well when you want it to. And you look upon it and say -"this body has too much fluff." Or you may look upon it and say - "this body is not responding when I need it to." Or - "I am too tired of this night, I only wish to go to sleep." Or you may find that your body betrays you to diseases. The reality of it is all of those have much to do with not reminding your body enough. If you remind it too much you lose the ability of it to be the observer platform for you. And then it becomes that every moment of your life is spent worrying of the body. Not spending time using it as it designs to be.

Small story of the body. The soul is created and it searches for a place that it can find an identity of itself. In that search there is a cooperation with a form of consciousness that creates animals. The animals that you know of - lions and tigers, giraffes and birds..and you. And that created form that you are holding a certain form of rudimentary consciousness becomes survival. It understands hunger. It knows fear and the purpose that the body knows fear is for fight and flight so it can survive long enough to know hunger again. And the form of that rudimentary consciousness - there is a smaller consciousness within each one of your cells that is cooperative to every other cell. It also knows survival. And it knows reproduction, and it knows giving its energy to the cells around it, and receiving energy from the cells around it, and it knows that cooperation as a wholeness. But your physical body when it was first did not have soul within it. It did not have the motivating force within it that gives you the ability to learn, experience and grow. It only had a momentary understanding, and a momentary learning. Just enough to get away from being eaten. Just enough to eat something else. Just enough to interact with other animals, and just enough that when it was certain and absolute that it was going to be eaten that it didn't feel pain. Just enough.

Your soul then looked upon many forms. Different forms of animals. Entering each it looked and found that the form you hold is perhaps the best. Do you know why your form is the best for your soul to be in? It is the best for your soul to be in because you can be eaten by something else, so that means there is a reason for you to be involved. It is the best for your soul to be in because your physical body seeks joining with other physical bodies for warmth and protection and survival, and for sexual intercourse, for reproduction. So it is you physical body by its very nature is a form of pack animal. It forms itself into packs much as the wolves would do. It forms itself into prides very much as the lions would do. It forms itself into tribes because that is the easiest way for you to hunt as the animal that you are - surrounding the prey - and hopefully not being eaten.

It is then the interaction of your body with other bodies that make your body be the perfect place for your soul to enter. Seeing that the soul begins to enter. In the entry into your physical body for you now as you have progressed as man, the entry time happens sometime after the third month and as late as six weeks to six months after birth. It is seldom that a soul will enter after six months, for the physical being will not survive very long past that place. The soul never enters the body before three weeks, because the soul has no seat of consciousness to hold onto in that fetus before that time. It is that it enters and has a creative force. Your soul creates. The unity of your physical body and your soul becomes you. You can't distinguish the two as separate because it is you. It is also not necessary for you to separate the two. To recognize it is enough.

Your physical body acting as the platform of the observer for your soul then remains that platform of observer as long as it will interact with other physical bodies, and the world around you. As long as it does that it is a fair place for the soul to be in. You may ask what is the soul doing in the body to begin with. And that is something I will teach to you if you desire. But not necessary for tonights teaching. I will give you only that the soul can't know its creation separate from any other creations unless it has your physical body as the separation point - and that is most wondrous. That is discernment of you being separate and different than any other person.

I will show you a most wondrous thing. If you stand at this time - do you now perceive yourself to be erect? Place your hands in front of you. Push them together and breathe inward while you move them up in this way. Keeping them pushed together - when you reach the top totally and quickly relax and blow the air out. Do you feel a little different erect now? That is your spinal column saying thank you. That is awakening. That is telling some of the cells in you this is what you are now get busy and do it. It is good. When you don't use your body or you allow your body to be stuffed into a tiny office and chair all day long without using it, it forgets to be a body. You may sit.

What is this? (water) Do you know its purpose? (cleanses) This is glass of pins. Water is the medium by which each of your cells get told what they are supposed to be. Without it they become very scattered very quickly. Without quenching thirst you would not survive for more than three days. That most wondrous. How much water do you perceive you drink? In your time each day to remain healthy each of you takes in liquids that are either directly water or discernably water to the body, that is more than three pints. If you don't take in that much you become sluggish.

Your body exists here (drawing). Your soul exists here. It is connected together in a place you know to be your unconscious mind. In this if you look upon your brain physically - this becomes the front part of the brain. There is a place here - medical term - cerebral cortex area - pons part of the brain. In the fetal child this is the first thing that forms. This allows the rudimentary consciousness of the physical body. That means this thing can start knowing itself in the form of where the muscles are, where the tissues are, what the tissues are, how the bones will start to form. It will discern that this is elbow joint, and this is knee. And it will determine all of the form of the body. It is this part that must be for the body to be healthy. Inside of your unconscious mind there is another thing just in front of this that is the root of consciousness as you may call it, but it is more the root of the soul entering. This thing is a coxcomb in its cellular form and it radiates into your brain and into all of the sinaptic connections of your body, and it is the seat that the soul connects to. What that means is it balances between the soul seeing its creation and the body surviving. This doesn't occur until after the third week of birth. Because this is not formed enough yet.

Once it is formed and the soul connects to it the soul doesn't form creations in the body yet. The body forms the fullness of itself. The energies of you have a place called the lymphatic system. It is the first thing that is formed for the body. While the fetal thing is nothing more than this (drawing) it forms first this ganglia splitting out and small lymphatic glandular tissues. Those lymphatic things have a pattern to them. They remember - they search - and they remember. It knows a skin cell because it formed one, and it knows a bone cell because it formed one. It knows the cells that make up your cartilage because it formed them. And it remembers them throughout your lifetime and it never forgets them unless it gets very busy. When it gets very busy it forgets to tell anyone what it is supposed to be. When your Harmony becomes very busy spending all of its time trying to figure out if the boss is going to have you working there next week you lose sight of your physical body. When it gets very busy wondering whether the husband is finding another mate - or the wife another mate - or the children are going to grow up to be hoodlums. When it worries of all of those things without true intentional purpose to change them or make them be different, Harmony spends its time trying to make the world right in a conscious way and forgets the body. It stops sending from this place down to each of your cells - a thing that says "thank you for doing what you are doing and continue doing it." And what happens is the cell that was being the lungs stops doing its job. And realizing it all of the cells around it look upon that one thing and say "wait, something is wrong with our brother cell" and in their small way they know that there is supposed to be another cell so they try to produce one, but they don't know how to make it. They don't know the formula out of the three billion combinations of what a cell can be. They don't know so they try their best. And what they make is something that is not quite the cell you wanted. It is a small cell that is sometimes very crazy. That cell doesn't know how to be the kind of cell that everyone else thought it should be. So something tries to remind it of what it is supposed to be. Either it will survive or it will not. But if it is very stubborn and believes it should survive it will make another one of itself. And if that works and Harmony has not yet come back to it to say stop doing this it makes another, and another, and another. This you call diseasement. Sometimes you call it cancer. Harmony can emotionally take a vacation away from the body and the body takes directions of its own.

There is a way to prevent things of cancer in your body. Is that good? Way to prevent cancer in your body is spend a little time each day with your body. That is one thing. The next part of it is while you are spending a little time with your body don't distract yourself into thinking you don't deserve it. Don't distract yourself into thinking you should be doing something else. Take that little time for yourself as a selfish thing that no one should or can interrupt. That is most wondrous.

Who believes they can do that? Do you truly? What would prevent you from it? Tomorrow morning when it is time to be with your body what could prevent you from it? Children - work. You will find that your conscious mind can invent ten thousand ways that you don't have to spend time for yourself. And that is good. If it can find ten thousand ways that you do not spend time for yourself it is a terribly creative thing. Not so? If it is so creative why can it not create a little more time? For this night to be any use at all to you you must find within yourself the ability to start reminding yourself that you are you. And that means creating a little time for you. Do it selfishly and guardedly and you may find that no one cared. No one truly cared that you took that half hour for yourself. No one truly noticed that you did it. No one even bothered to say that you are a good person for having done it. But you will.

Even if you don't do it consciously - because what will happen during that moment that is yours and absolutely yours it is your harmony will be forced to spend time telling all of these things they aren't supposed to be. It will go out to each part of your body and each of the billions of different types of cells that you hold and it will speak to each one. And while it speaks to them it is giving congratulations and thank yous and telling it to continue.

Do you know why you sleep? To give your physical body back to your prehensile brain. To give it back to this long enough for all of the actions of your physical body to be stimulated and healed. Each day by your movement you damage and wear out thousands of parts of you. Sometimes useful things - sometimes expendable things. The reality of that requires that you take some amount of time allowing Harmony to clean things up again. It doesn't prevent disease. It does prevent momentary fatigue. That is most wondrous to know. It only allows you to continue losing and using the body. It doesn't make it keep alive. It only makes it keep doing. It doesn't repair long lasting damages. It only masks them. Do you know why else you sleep? In this part of you the connection between the creative soul of you and the physical aspect of you there are thousands of things that you observe each moment of each day truly you observe 267 individual distinctly different things each second. Some of them you throw away because they are the same as the last thing you saw. Some of them you keep. Some of them you throw away because they are the same as the last thing you saw. Some of them you keep. What I have just done to you is be repetitive. The reason for it is now you have something within your brain that will have to sort out and throw out that doesn't fit as a pattern of acceptability in your understandings. In your dream state while you are dreaming when the body is not being held in check, frozen so it can't hurt itself, you are dreaming in a way that sorts out all of the things that don't fit with the pattern of your past. If you don't dream your conscious perceptive observant brain starts taking away from the physical body. That means that if you rob yourself of restful dreaming sleep you become physically and emotionally exhausted - not having sorted things out. So the second most important thing to you besides water is sleep. Without it you will lose observable consciousness within 72 hours. You may still walking around but it will not do any good.

In that way you become psychologically abreant. In that way you lose the functioning ability (change tapes) .....that if you taste it and it is not food disregard it. So you try to disregard it. Unfortunately many of the things that you place within your mouth and swallow thinking they are food are not. So you may have a small secret. Your taste buds in your mouth tells you whether that thing belongs in your body or not. They will tell you. And it is most wondrous - If you leave it in your mouth until it doesn't taste any more you will know whether it belongs in your body or not. The reality of it is a little bit of one thing is enough for the body, and the body will say "that is enough." Do you know why it is that you find it so hard for something that is sweet? You can't hold something sweet in your mouth very long. Do you know why? Your body is saying "this is enough." So you put it in your mouth and you find that the glucose form of it - the sugar - which the body can assume and assimilate very quickly - it triggers within your physical being something that says "this is good, I can use this." So you swallow the first bite. Then the body senses the second part of it and it says "this is good, but I am not certain I can use it. It is not necessary for the body." But you swallow it quickly. Then you take the third bite. And the body says "wait a minute." Then you take the fourth bite and the body says "Aren't you tired of this yet?" But not letting it stay in the mouth you tried not to taste it. The first bite tasted wonderful to you. The second bite not quite so wonderful. And the fourth bite you were bored with it, but you had to finish your plate. Small thing. You can have anything that you desire as long as you don't have excess. And you will know you have excess only after you have done it.

Sense excess while it is happening not afterwards. Give yourself time to recognize that you are done with it. Hold your food in your mouth a little longer. Chew it a little longer. Make it smaller pieces. When you can't taste it any more, when you have assimilated it and sized it to the intention of your physical body swallow it. Savor each bite. Praise it, know it, find joy in it. Don't see food as something you have to be done with. That makes you overeat.

If you praise each bite of food that means not so much saying "this is so good, this is so wonderful, and I am so thankful for having it." But it does mean "I recognize the value of this to me and to everything that I will be doing." And while you have it in your mouth, your physical senses are recognizing the value of it. Then when you swallow it your body is already geared up to eating that thing. All of the acids, all of the connective portion of you, all of the things within you, Harmony is set everything in motion to say "Oh good, a piece of pie." So you eat it. And you can digest it. And you can take the energies of it and you can break them into that which is chemical patterns and energy connections in such a way that the body can assimilate them and send out to the cell of the arm the exact amount that it needed, and the leg the exact amount it needs, and to all of you so that you are nourished and moving. And so that which is the calcium is moving from the bone into the muscle by the migration formed by the connection of the potassium and zinc. And it is migrating back from the muscle into the bone, and the contractions and movements of your muscles happen. That is why you have food. No other reason. The reason it tastes good to you is so you can tell if it belongs in the body or not.

Letting yourself be told something tastes good is not a very good way. No one else knows your taste buds. So, when someone says "Eat it - it is good for you." That may be true. But only you will know. Your body has a most wondrous thing. If it is very bad for you and you hold it in your mouth for a little bit, there is a thing called a gag response. Your body says "No - don't do this - this isn't going to be good for you and what you have in your mouth is excess." If you recognize that then you know what to do. Yet if you don't consciously know what to do your body will be certain to tell you. That is the extreme of your body saying "NO." The other part is - what do you think will happen to you if you hold something that is very, very sweet in your mouth? What do you think will happen? How many of you have held anything very, very sweet in your mouth for very long? How many of you hold it for a very short time and get it in your stomach quickly? Your body will exercise the gag response if you overindulge in something sweet providing you hold it in your mouth long enough for it to recognize excess.

What do you know of that which is meats? Your body will exercise a small gag response if you have too much of that. Providing you wait. You can overdrive your body saying "NO" if you don't give it a chance. How long does it take for the body to be able to know it has too much of something? That is most wondrous thing. Your body won't know it has too much of it for three minutes. It won't know it has too much of it because for it to know it has to have assimilated enough of it in the intestines and the stomach for it to recognize the full potential of what you have taken in. It won't know for three minutes.

How long does it take for you to eat your food? When you are very rushed you could easily overeat. Your body takes that long because it has to get to the center of the foods that you take inward. You can help it by chewing a lot more. While you are chewing it you are making it small enough pieces that it is more quickly and easily recognized. So when you swallow it instead of it being three minutes it becomes perhaps only a minute. Then it means that if you chew it enough and you swallow it and it only takes a minute for the body to be able to tell you have had too much, what if you have a very leisurely meal instead of trying to eat very quickly. Or make certain that what you have as your meal is not more than what you know is right. You have experience. I will show you.

What happens if you have a very big plate of food in front of you? What do you think you want to do? What do you wish to eat it all? Because somebody is starving. Because someone said you have to eat everything on your plate when you were six years old. I will give small truth - do you know why someone said that? Because they were afraid that you would be undernourished and someone would say that they were a bad person doing it to you. They had the responsibility to protect you then. You have it now.

Do you know why else they said it? They spent a great amount of effort getting the food and for you not to consume it appeared to be disconsidering them and their efforts. So since you are the one that gets to spend the effort getting food you can be assured you are not going to disconsider your efforts.

What is the other reason someone might think they have to eat everything on the plate? (There might not be any more.) Most wondrous. What if there isn't? The reality of it is if there isn't any more food after that single plate, perhaps you should store half away half of the plate before you eat it. That way later when you are hungry you will at least have something to eat. That is another thought. Why is it necessary if you are so concerned that somebody in a foreign land is starving that you hord all the food? If you are truly concerned why not allow them to go hunting with you? Allow them a share of it. The reality of it is, you eat as much as you eat out of habit. You are used to seeing a plate filled with food and that says that you have a sense of well being. If you have a full plate of food in front of you you are going to survive. What if you use smaller plates? The reality of it is if you have to have all of those things to convince you that you are going to survive, perhaps you don't truly believe that you are going to anyway.

The habit that you have is that you are challenged for your sense of well-being and somehow you are denied. All of that is conscious habit. Conscious place. Your body doesn't need all of that. If you simply listen to it it will tell you the truth. What do you perceive you could have if your day wasn't spent trying to fill the plate? More time to create. More time to interact and more time to feel the pleasure of your existence. And less time to fear. Less time to spend doing something that doesn't insure your survival.

Giving the proper balance to the food you take inward makes it be something that is part of your life and exercised as that part. You get to create still.

Exercising of your physical body is a most important thing. Do you know why that is? That is most wondrous. You are waiting for me to tell you why it is. To remind it of what it is. If you don't exercise a muscle it never becomes reminded that it is supposed to be that kind of muscle, and begins to atrophy. It is the same thing with every part of your body. Every cell. If that cell is not needed by the body it doesn't continue. If it is convinced that it is not needed, it sometimes fights for survival but harmony doesn't keep it. Your body ages because of that.

I will show you most wondrous thing. Please to stand. You are stretching again now. Stand erect. This is small game to play. You have one set of muscles that you don't use very much so I am going to show you how to use them. That is good? (much laughter - must be exercising face) It is your turn. This side turn to this side. Now do that - concentrate on moving your face and every part of the muscles of the face. Concentrate on all of them. More. Is it easy? Some of you are afraid you are going to look silly making those funny faces. They are muscles of your body. You don't have to do it at anyone else, but it does bring you a little bit of laughter. Now it is your turn to make faces.

What does your face feel like when you do this? Stretched, alive, energized. Some of you are afraid if you move your face you will get wrinkles. What I will give you is if you don't move it it will crack. Do you know why laughter feels so good to you - because you are moving the face.

Moving the facial muscles causes there to be circulation, and each of the muscles of your face then receives it. I will show you small thing. How do you communicate to other persons? Much of what you do to interact with other persons is done by your face. If you don't have the facial muscles to support that sometimes your communication to other persons is this. Even if that isn't your thought. The form of it is you cause yourself to be able to communicate better by having better muscles in your face. Even that one small part helps you to be more interactive with others.

That also is a youthing exercise. When you do that particular form of exercise you help your face not age. You keep it alive. You tell it and inform it of what it is so it can continue to be. And you give it hope that it can be more. I will show you small thing. In your society, you hold certain conscious perceptions what beauty is. Not so? Sometimes you will spend great amounts of money to try to make face look to someone elses eyes beautiful. The expressions of your face sometimes you will try to cover up with the beauty things that you like. It is a great amount of expenditure when you can easily have the same beauty by having an expressive face that told what you wanted to speak instead of the game that is the mask.

In the form of the makeup that you use, you don't truly need them, but you accept them in your society. The face with the muscles that are alive and well and capable you won't have to spend quite as much for you beauty aids. That is helpful. You won't feel embarrassed to go out in public. What will happen is these places at eyes when you exercise the muscles you strengthen them. The muscles become larger instead of atrophied and weak. They fill the skin. The wrinkles go away. That is most wondrous.

Exercising the muscles of your face is perhaps a good thing to do. What if every other muscle in your body exercised could also be the same? In the form of them what exercises do you know to do? What physical exercises? I will show you small thing. Who would desire to touch their toes? Come to this place. Stand now and touch toes. Most wondrous. Did you force yourself down to touch toes or did you relax yourself down to touch toes? (Force) Most wondrous. I will show you other small thing. Bend knee slightly. Now allow yourself to fall into touching toes. Now when you rise up arch back and head upward and hands outward and upward. Is it different? Which do you think makes you feel good? The last one. Why do you perceive your exercise has to be work. If you are trying to make your body healthy and feel good your body will tell you that it feels good. Make your exercise feel good. You perceive because someone has told you that if you don't feel pain you are not gaining anything? What I give you is if you don't feel pleasure you aren't gaining anything. That means feel the pleasure of it.

What exercise do you think makes you feel pain? What of exercises for stomach? Who would desire a sit up that is not painful? You have your understanding of how to do sit-up? You may do that form. Now using similar form (bent knee) raise yourself up but don't do this. Now breathe in. And then allow the air out as you slowly let yourself down. Does it feel a little different?

Another form of sit-up. This is perhaps a different form. Go to wall. Turn around facing wall. Sit on floor moving buttocks close to wall. Lay down. Place feet on wall bending knees. Body close to wall. Place hands across abdomen. Feeling muscles tense them. Using abdominal muscles only raise buttocks from floor. Breathe in and relax outward slowly. And again and outward making sure the muscles are tense. You feel it? Is it pleasant? (Yes, and easier) The hands across this way. Isolate so that it is these muscles pulling it upward. What you have just done by that exercise is twenty-three of these. Does it hurt? (No, how many do you suggest?) How many do you feel pleasant doing? (Until it hurts?) Until you don't feel pleasure.

There is a level of building tissue. Your body knows if it has damaged tissue it has to be repaired. It also knows a wondrous thing about muscle tissue. If you damaged it you need it more. So it is your body will build more if you damage it. If your intention is for your body to build more you will have to do it until you are a little sore. If your intention is to be aware of what you do have so you will know how much more to build, do it only as long as there is pleasure. When it stops being pleasurable is the time to stop.

I will give a most wondrous understanding if that is useful. When you hold layers of muscle which have not been used they become elongated. They also become separated in the cells of them by other cells. Water cells, fluff cells, blood cells. Small veins and arteries that have not been used in a long time. Empty blood vessels. Those things are interspersed and moved inside of the muscle tissue. When you do this form of exercise as you are becoming aware of the muscle tissue in your body and it is telling the fluff cells between them - "You don't belong there." What you are doing then is making this muscle become more flexible and thicker, because it becoming a little bit more used and this muscle is more binding with it so you are able to utilize all of the muscle you do have. Then is when you get to determine how much more you want. If you try to do it beforehand, what you will do is build more muscle and cluster within the muscle the fluff cells, all of those things of the cholesterol build-up in the veins and arteries. When you form that then you can do damage to the muscle and it will build and you can have more muscle mass. The difficulty is it doesn't do you a whole lot of good because the muscle doesn't act the way it needs to act for the muscle to be utilized. What you are seeking in your exercises is to use all of the muscle you have in the most useful way to you - consciously. So you have to play the bodies game because the body is in control - unconsciously. Play the body game. That means allow it to be your instructor. You will do enough of abusing it later. First, determine what strengths you do have by exercising them.

I will show you most wondrous thing. Are there two who would desire to exercise their strengths? You may and you may. Who perceives they are strongest? (Who has the biggest ego?) Perhaps we will do this a little differently. You, please to come. And you please to come. Small thing - I am going to give them a secret and because you are male and bigger and more experienced with your bodies you don't get the secret. Good? (Two men leave room) Form is this, what you are to do is to see who is the strongest. You are going to place your hands as so and push away trying to find out who is the strongest. Using the arms not the body. To do it doesn't feel like you have a lot of strength. Now I wish for you to place your hand here and tension all of the muscles of it and breathe inward as you push it forward. Now breathe outward and relax. Now as you push it forward breathe inward. Use the arm not the body. Much different is it not? It is then the breathing inward is expanding your muscles. When you do it with them don't forget to breathe inward. Don't use the leaning inward with the body. I won't allow them to lean inward either.

Please to come. Rule is you can't use the body only the arms in this. You cannot lean into them. Place your hands outward as this come closer to them. You are going to practice to see who is the strongest. The object is to be able to extend your arms straight out without leaning into the other person. You may. You see? Trade places. Most wondrous for you it doesn't work. It does work. You simply forgot the muscles. And they didn't have remembrance of their own. She is stronger than both of you then...for a little while.

When you extend a muscle outward you breathe in such a way that it fills up the muscle that is going to expand, and it empties the muscle that is going to contract. So for the strength of this movement outward you want to breathe inward as you stretch it outward. Blow it up. The strength comes from that. In the contraction of the muscle you could easily pull him to you. Do the same thing except now blow out. Try to pull him straight. Hold hands as this - now you are going to pull your arms inward by blowing out.

The place of it is you form an exercise for the body by the expansion and contraction of muscles and muscle groupings and muscle formings. You can do somewhat as this. In the form you may use bent knee and moving this way you are going to contract certain muscles so it becomes breathing out. That helps the major muscles of your legs.

If you desire to do a certain amount of playing with this exercise, stand, place feet slightly apart - bending them slightly - breathe out as you move downward. Breathe in as you come back. Now the other side. Does it feel full also? Does it feel pleasant to be full like that? (YES) Do any feel it hurts? What you have done in the action you just did by breathing into it and out of it, is you have done the same thing in that one motion as it would if you did this for perhaps another ten minutes.

What you are doing by that breathing in is you are making this be the muscle it knows how to be, because you have said that is what you want it to do. The body doesn't have eyes. All it knows is the stress against it. So you have placed the equivalent stress in one moment that you would if you had spent all of this time doing this. That means you don't have to spend hours trying to exercise. And it doesn't have to be painful.

You can do this with every muscle in your body. So there is a thing you can do. It is called PLAYING WITH YOUR BODY. To play with your body it becomes somewhat as this. Try to focus upon some particular muscle. Learn them. Feel them. You can touch. You can tension it. You can move it. Sense where it is. Sense whether when the movement happens it gets bigger or smaller. If it gets bigger when you do this then that is the one you want to breathe into because you will know it is going to get bigger. So it becomes (breathing) contracting it breathe out of it - then up. It is at the same time you are moving other muscles, and that is truth. When you do this - this one expands. You can then move to this one and do the breath the other way. You sense it? Feel the muscles. You can use your hand and sense them underneath. In the movement of them you become more aware of them. Your body becomes more aware of them. Your exercise becomes more aware. You don't have to have a lot of muscle mass to have and inordinately large amount of strength. You don't have to be a very large person to be able to have physical stamina. You only have to have efficiency. And because you are the animal that you are it was also chosen to be the most efficient. So use that efficiency.

(Can you suggest an exercise for the heart muscle?) Yes, in a little while. There is also exercise for your bladder muscles, so I will give you small amount of time to do so.

Each of the muscles in your body seeks to be reminded of what it is. If you don't remind it but you remind another muscle of what it is sometimes you will have muscles that are too strong on one side and too weak on the other side. That can cause, without you realizing it at a conscious level, your physical body says this muscle will have to do the work because the other one can't. What happens then is sometimes damage to you physically. You call it strains, ruptures, sprains. You call it painful. Learning to isolate gives you a clear understanding which muscles seek to be reminded more of what they are. If you recognize that you cannot make your stomach muscles respond in a way you want them to when you are trying to do your exercises it means they don't know what they are. And the most wondrous part of it is your stomach muscles, and your back muscles work together, the same.

Small thing. Placing arm upward as this, move - hold onto hand and arm this way and move hand back and forth. What do you feel? What is happening on this side of your arm when this one gets big? So. It is the same thing except turn it this way for your stomach. When you bend over the stomach muscle has to do something. When you stretch up the stomach muscle has to do something. The back muscle is also doing something. All of it works together. The back muscle is overlaid this way and that way and around you. The stomach muscle is underlaid this way, this way, this way, this way. And all of them attach themselves to the spinal column, to this place, to the ribs, to all. It all fits together and it works together. And that is the most wondrous thing, because your body knows it does. Unfortunately, if you don't use it there isn't any reason to have it. So your body gives up giving nourishment to it. If you don't run after the game and have to wrestle it to the ground, you forget how to do that. If you don't have to climb up the tree and swing from limb to limb looking for bananas, you forget how to do that. If you don't run after the game and then find yourself having to run away from the lions and tigers and bears, you forget how to do that. The reason you forget how to do it is the body only does what it needs to do to be able to survive. And it only does what it wants to do to be able to feel the lack of pain and pleasure.

The body doesn't work hard at making up for your conscious abuse of it. It is only the platform of the observer. And it has to trust that whatever the soul is creating is a necessary thing and if it needed differently the body would be told. It somewhat looks like this. I don't know, I am only following orders. Your body doesn't know. It is only following orders. It does not have eyes, it doesn't see the mirror. It doesn't know that you don't feel good about yourself. It doesn't know that you don't have time because you are feeding the children, and it doesn't know that you will wait until the weekend because you have so much work to do. It doesn't know all of those things because that is not the form of your body's consciousness. Your body's consciousness is it is more efficient not to carry around something you don't need. And if you don't need the muscle it doesn't want to carry it around.

It is efficient to carry around all of the fluff because it knows it needs it. But it knows it doesn't need the muscle, because you aren't using it, so it leaves it at home. Your body becomes a little like you are if you decide to pack for a camping trip. You don't pack everything. You only pack what you think you are going to need. When you go somewhere you only take what you think you need for survival. What happens if you made a small error in your list of things? Do you get to survive? Or do you have to come home early? The same thing happens with your body.

If the back muscles are allowed to remain strong and the stomach muscles aren't then the back muscle has to do all of the work for the rest of your body, and you have strains. Your back muscle is not supposed to be able to support you in the upright position. YOUr stomach muscle is. That is most wondrous. You think your back muscle is to allow you to stand upright. It can't. Without your stomach muscle you have to crawl. Without your stomach muscle you are stuck on the floor of the jungle. That is a very important thing to have - is your stomach muscle in balance with your back muscle.

There are other muscle groupings that is most important to have also. Depending upon how you will utilize them in your life. One of them is the heart. If you don't need it you don't have to have one that works very good. Unfortunately by the time you find out you do need it, it is sometimes too late to get it to work very good any more. The heart muscle itself is kept moving by a small thing inside the brain. That small thing, is to be drawn again, exists in this region. You may think of it to be for the spinal and for the inside of your body a small clock. It is that small thing that sends out a regular electrical impulse that is interpreted by the muscles of the heart as contraction and expansion. It is a breathing into one side of the heart and a breathing out of the other side. Then it is a breathing into this side and a breathing out of that side and this continues. From the moment of your first awakening heartbeat in the womb until the moment of your last breath of life. It seldom loses track of itself but when it does something happens to you. The very first thing that happens to you is you lose consciousness. That is a most wondrous thing.

The form of exercise for it then is utilizing it. There are many forms of utilizing the heart. One of them is you can make it race wildly by being afraid. One of them is you make it race wildly by being excited. Being excited is a very good form of exercise for your heart because that is what gives you the best chance of surviving something that is unexpected. You spend your efforts doing much of that which is running around, moving your feet, exercising your respiratory system and that is very good for you. But the reality of it is, that strengthens the muscles of the heart, yes. That strengthens the lungs, the veins, the arteries, the capilaries. It purges from you the poisons and that is excellent and very good for your physical body. That is the part of your physical body that finds itself running across the vastlands in pursuit of the bison so you can have something to eat. That is the part of you that goes on five day hunts for food for the tribe. And that is good. But there is the other part of you that you also must exercise, and that is the excitement part. Because that is what interferes with the clock.

I will show you a thing to exercise the clock, to help you. It is a small visualization. I wish for you to place your hand upon your chest so that you can feel the beating and thumping of your heart. Close eyes. Picture within your mind - it is birthday time and there is a particular gift you have always wanted. And you perceive that gift might be given to you. And you unwrap your presents and your gifts and there it is. What do you find? What has your heart started doing? Moving a little faster. The emotional state of you governs how fast or slow your heart is going to do as well as your physical body. If you feel emotional fear your heart will begin to race. If you feel physical pleasure and emotional pleasure your heart will begin to speed up. So I give you small thing. Find things in your life that are excitement for you to do, that causes your heart to race out of joy. There are enough things that will cause it to race out of fear and pain.

For heart defective things, attacks of the heart, in that of the human species within your society almost all of the things that cause life to be perished because of loss of heart movement is that which is an interruption of the clock. And that happens more by stress than any other thing. So, you say "You are so stressed out you have a heart attack."? That is reality.

(Is there any difference for the heart in the speeding of the heart that comes from fear or happiness?) Yes. The speeding that comes with happiness is a speeding that you can emotionally tolerate, and you don't start looking for how you are going to be eaten. So, you don't have fear along with the stress. The meaning of that is there are certain anatomical changes that happen in the body by the racing to pleasure that are different than the changes that happen by the racing to fear and apprehension and other what is other than excitement. Those changes have much to do with the chemical balance. And the chemical balance is what makes the difference in your clock. So, the clock doesn't explosively fire which it does within survival things.

Small secret. Fight or flight is a moments decision. There is no surviving unless you take it. There is no purpose for your physical body to keep the heart around at all if you are going to be eaten. It doesn't need it. So your physical body throws away any caution of survival in the future for survival in the moment. And it sends out an electrical stimulus to the muscles of the heart in such a way and with such force that the heart instrantly pumps adrenaline that has already been allowed into the blood stream from the pancreatic fluids. It pumps that instantly into all of it so that your muscle tissue starts eating themselves up rather than you being eaten up. And while they are eating themselves up they start contracting, and you start running. You also start producing something that will keep you from bleeding to death, just in case you get hurt a little bit you can still keep running. The reality of all that is survival but your body doesn't look for one moment to what will happen after you survive. It only looks to survival. It can't do anything so in the moment of that electrical firing (change tape sides).

....exercise forms and more potassium and you also start with a little more calcium so the blood system has a higher percentage of calcium in it than it needed. What happens then is the blood system doesn't become the major force for the bone but the bone becomes the major source for the muscle.

(How does physical manipulations of the spinal joints prevent the arthritis if in fact it does?)

Physical manipulation of the spinal happens more by physical manipulation of the muscle. The muscle connective point once moved is helped, exercise, movement, stretching and some forms of chiropractic practices, are helpful. They don't necessarily prevent it if a person is very tense and ordered upon emotional pressures.

(Could you comment on MultipleSclerosis - what happens in the body - and any dietary or exercise things to do to help?)

M.S. forms and other neurological disfunctions of that nature happen as a result of that you call nerve fiber. Inside of nerve fiber there is a group of cells whose primary function is to say "Yes, thank you." That is all they do. They say "yes" to what they touch and "thank you" to the next one because it took it from them. So there is an electrical flow that happens from one place to another place until it finally reaches the brain to start being interpreted. This happens from every cell. And every part of your body is connected together in certain forms of quadrants so that you can have something that says here and here that talk to the same place within the brain. Except the brain knows it is here because there are other cells that don't. There are cells here that report from this one and from this one. You can tell that you are being touched in one place simply because the other cells around that place sense they are being touched. What that means is that there is there is a very complex pattern of all of these things moving around you. Inside of all of the nerve fibers and nerve tissues of your body. One pathway is to the brain and the other pathway is from the brain. So what happens is this says "yes, thank you" and this one says "now, this" and it becomes a place then that you feel this, it goes to your brain, your brain says "that is the site of it - and I think it is pain" and it goes outward to this and says "contract the muscles around it to get away from it." That is a command that happens totally and absolutely unconsciously except it can be interfered with in a number of ways. If you are extremely concerned with this thing you could ignor that command, and find yourself to be burnt. The other thing that happens is through the imbalance you cause a very high acidity level with the body. Fear, anger, upset, self-judgment to the extreme, a lifetime filled with thinking everything is out to get you can very easily drive you to the place where your body is acidic most of the time. When it is acidic this inward part begins to bulge. The "yes,thank you" cells become bigger. And they touch the outer cells. They short out against them. And there becomes small sparkings that places other than that level. That can easily follow up and it is called demelanation of the nerve fibers and tissues. That means you could get touched here and think this is where you are touched.

(Another question, if one is able to change and view themselves in a different way - accept and love themselves, is it possible to halt?)

Yes, and it is very possible that you can halt it very quickly simply by doing a form of exercise that is considered and concentrated upon muscle groupings. (What you have been showing us tonight?) Yes, and taking the time to do it - and ignoring that you have to do it someone elses way. You may.

(Is the idea of physical immortality fact or fiction?)

Why would you choose physical immortality? (I have no reason to choose it but I've heard it used a lot of times - some people who do rebirthing subscribe to the idea that physical immortality is a definite possibility.)

Small thing I will give you. You can spark within the brain a regenerative, forever hormone which will effectively make you not age. Unfortunately your emotions will take your aging and make it happen again. To stay with that hormone being produced in the quantity that is necessary for you to live forever you leave behind feelings of closeness with other persons. You leave behind interrelationships that require you and another to reach agreement and fulfillment of those agreements by self actions. You reach a place that says the rest of the world became invisible, I am a forever being. That means you can't even play in the rest of the world and still produce the chemical. You can produce it, play a little bit, age a little bit and produce it again. You can slow your aging, but you can't live within this world in a physical sense and live forever unless you give up living in this world.

(What is the best way to at least retard the aging process.)

Live in the world because it is a pleasant place to be not because you are running from bears. Know that you don't have to run from bears and that you don't have to fear everything as a tiger. Taking the steps of action rather than reaction - that is not easy nor is it simple because you are human beings and you have a lifetime of something teaching you that you have to do this and you better do that. And you will be in trouble if you don't do this and you will be eaten by the world if you don't do this. You live in a world that teaches you all of the things that can go wrong and not very many have taught you all of the things that can go right. No one taught you how to cherish yourself. The examples you have had have taught you how to abuse yourself. No one taught you to embrace yourself in the greatest pleasure and the greatest joy even when what you are looking at appears to be your greatest failure. No one taught you how to recover. No one taught you how to uncover and discover. And no one taught you that you aren't supposed to know; you are supposed to find out. So.


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