The Guidelines

Advice and Guidelines For Peace
and Harmony in Your Essence
For The God Within and The God Without

This is a set of very ancient guidelines and one of the first bits of information received from the Story Teller. These guidelines are very similar to the original guidelines as presented by Moses and his experience with The Burning Bush.

Download a printable PDF of the guidelines.

Each advice and guideline is of equal importance. No one is more or less important than the other. Living by these guidelines will alleviate disturbance in the body, and will bring balance and harmony. Not living by these guidelines will lead to other disturbances and other disturbances will lead to greater chaos in the body and spirit.
Chaos and disturbance only mean something will change. An example is taking a life for self defense would mean forever more you would know you did it and that would be a great disturbance.

1. The taking of a life for other than food will cause a great disturbance.

2. The taking of property without the consent of the other will cause a great disturbance.

3. The desire or thought to have something of another and the other to have it not will cause a great disturbance.

4. The desire or thought to control another’s destiny and activities is disturbing to the soul of both.

5. The forceful control of the action of another will disturb the spirit of both.

6. The desire to have more than you need at the expense of one who needs is disturbing.

7. The accumulation of material worth for the sake of accumulating material worth is disturbing.

8. The consumption of more than one reasonably needs is disturbing.

9. In all things act as you would have others react to you.

10. Know that over indulgence in any thing will cause disturbance.

11. Know that gossip is disturbing to all involved.

12. Know that to listen in harmony to your fellow man as he speaks from the soul is important to both you and he, but that to take the place or the stresses of your fellow man and to help him solve his problems is disturbing to you, and must be done with caution and patience.

13. Know that there will be times of group chaos for which a leader will be required to restore balance. If the leader is not in harmony with these guidelines, other forms of chaos may result.

14. Know that when a group thinks of like mind and this like mind is in chaos, that it will disturb larger groups; these guidelines apply to the group as they do to the individual.

15. Know that as the individual is disturbed by the taking of life except for food, so is the group disturbed at the taking of the life of another.